A Breath of E-Grocery Wakes Up

Join a few clicks to brick your food shelves


Planning to set up your online grocery business store? Here are the top three trends you need to know to strike boldly and continue the counts of success.

According to a recent Nielson study, about one-fourth online shoppers in developed countries like US, UK, Japan, France, etc., are already shopping groceries on the internet and 55% are willing to do it in near future.

Cross-channel grocery shopping

The smartphone is a staple for every granny now and is providing online grocery shopping at the disposal of a few clicks. Riding the social media platform can find you new ways to delight your customers. People residing in larger cities are more likely to turn their heads towards online retail stores they are easy to use and significantly saves their time to physically purchase the same item offline. Such people tend to be more modern and are more socially active over several online platforms. Thus, growing your business as a social media influencer is more likely to grab people’s attention.

Chicken or figs?

E-grocery is a growing market and only a quarter of the global population is reaping its benefits. Giving customers the liberty to choose from an ocean of products increases creditability as the business efficiently responds to individual preferences and customization. Incorporating variety to your store can be a little overwhelming but it is utmost important to support your customers with their choices. Also anticipating their needs before curating or streamlining your offers is also important as too many choices may make them feel insecure about their decisions. Therefore, keep it simple!

Organizational Strategy Serves a Purpose

Building an improved brand awareness takes the establishment of actionable steps or tactics that are tied to customer satisfaction. An accurate mission statement helps to gain the trust of consumer’s, shareholders, leaders and employees of your firm. Certain businesses portray a profit – based business mission, while some make customers their focal point. The organizational strategy is expected to be unique, realistic and genuine. It points out altruistic intentions that ultimately lead to profits.

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