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A true voice of optimizing distribution network operations; Distribution Management Software

The smart grid system of assessing the delivery and automating the products and services that provide value to manage the operator, dispatcher and field crew productivity of a particular supply chain has emphasized on the significance of monitoring the control delivery options.

The distribution management system (DMS) is a fundamental component that caters to the shifting paradigm in business channelization and it further helps in enabling this transition. The distribution management system is a clear end solution for the day-to-day management of the electrical distribution network, construction-site maintenance efforts, and chiefly helps the system operation by giving them a road-map for rescue system during storms and related restoration activities.

DMS is an integrated workflow platform that gives the real-time interactive interface to effectively visualize the operations and improves the operator response time.

Talking about the IT legacy, ERP, CRM, and billing and CIS tools are the building blocks of the modern day flexible architecture. This intelligent framework manages the customer service system and serves to millions of end users at a time.

Inventory management maximizes ROI by granting clients’ satisfaction and also manage the entire distribution process. Sales order management interacts with clients, giving the real-time update on then sales business and the set of rules optimizes the returns, credit limits, drop shipments, and more. Purchase order management makes sure that there is a steady flow of supply of raw materials that can be automating the purchasing process without charging return policies from the customers.




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