Acoustic Hailing Devices: The Message Matters

To be prepared is the only way of preserving

A lightweight, portable, user-friendly and highly intelligent verbal message conveying system, is the military’s and police’s choice of communication during emergency situations. These devices can penetrate high background noise environments and can communicate effectively over long distances.

During the hurricane Katrina, acoustic hailing devices were used to transmit authoritative messages over several meters, intended to produce a warning with less distortion. The HS-40 a module by HyperSpike and is an ideal choice for military or navy ships and several other platforms with the longest range requirements. The company manufactures devices that come in different modules such as HS-16, HS-40, HS-14, AHD-I, etc. these AHDs outputs 151 dB and extended frequency range to ensure clear and authoritative voice commands. These are lightweight carbon fiber reinforced body and only weigh about 37 lbs., which can be easily transported and can withstand extreme climatic conditions during wars or natural calamities. This module comes with an in-built SD card that allows operators to store, record messages, manage the stored data using digitized screens, set timely alert tones, and the speakers help broadcast live messages.

The produced sound can penetrate high commotion environment to ensure unmistaken commands reaching people that can be heard loud and clear.

Our research report on Global Acoustic Hailing Devices Market provides comprehensive data which enhances the understanding, scope, and application of this device.  The study demonstrates the competitive landscape depicting the key market players along with the new entrants. Opportunity mapping is also done in terms of technological breakthroughs. The market trends, pitfalls, opportunities in terms of future prospects are also crafted in the report.

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