Ad Blockers, Should You Be Worried?

We build too many bridges; let’s erect more of walls and rebuff the beasts!

All the social media sapiens who have come across this blog will agree that these days there are too many ads on the Internet. Since most of us disregard those ads, online advertising maneuvers have become way too hostile. They blink, they flash, they auto-play, they pop up and numerous times, these ads will block the web pages unless and until you lay off them.

Know a little more –

The tradition of Ad Blockers is swelling both on desktop and mobile. Take a ride through some of the stats that will help you to comprehend the criticality of the subject, which states that the habit of ad blockers is progressing explosively.

  • 11% of the entire internet population is blocking ads and the practice raised by 30% globally in 2016.
  • The global number of desktop and mobile devices that block ads grew by 142 million YoY to reach 615 million devices Dec 2015 – Dec 2016.
  • Mobile Ad Block usage grew by 108 million YoY to reach 380 million active devices globally Dec 2015 – Dec 2016.
  • Desktop Ad Block usage grew by 34 million YoY to reach 236 million active devices globally Dec 2015 – Dec 2016.

Hey Users, What ‘sup?

At a certain point, the publishers are left with no other option but to charge for the content they provide. This, in the end, affects the users as their access to free content will ultimately decease. So, what do you think is the solution?

Did you know that there is science behind ad blocking?

Ad Blockers recognize a piece of information as an ad by checking where it is coming from and when the page has been loaded. There is a big list of domains that is being upheld on the back end of the ad blocker software and anything that are renowned from any of these domains is deliberated to be an ad and hence gets blocked.

Now, you need to save your ads from ad blockers –

  • Use legitimate domains for your Ad servers – Make sure that your ads are being functioned from the same domain that the site it is appearing on. Most of the publishing sites now impulse ads from their own domain so as to continue earning their high revenues.
  • Go Native – A native ad has an obligation to match the form and function of the content that surrounds it. It is pushed and sponsored content or other types of custom integrations, which saves them from being blocked.
  • Make use of Content Marketing – You can focus on inbound marketing strategies in which you will appeal your consumers by producing the content they need. This is the most effective way to make sure that your brand stays relevant.
  • A great user experience is a must – Ad blockers became a major issue due to online clutter, wherein a consumer had to deal with various brands. Advertisers and publishers turned out to be customer-centric, which resolved the issue immediately.

To Sum it up –

Brands and publishers need to change their way of communicating their commercial messages to the consumers if they want to gain substantial proceeds and blow the ad blockers.

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