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An emerging field of research: online gambling is today’s possibility and tomorrow’s opportunity

Since the past few decades, with the advent of advanced information technology, the traditional gambling industry started making use of these developing high-tech infrastructure to direct their work into the online industry.

The origin of casinos can be traced back to the early 17th century, Europe. The development of these games across casinos initially followed the development of social life and stood a chance for people to have a good time. This progressed until the time when internet penetrated the global markets. Reading news, searching for entertaining content over the World Wide Web, and online shopping began offering interactive services for the comfort of one’s home. This also marked the development of uninterrupted online support to the gambler and credibility of their operations.


Gambling as we all know deals with risking or wagering money on an event with an expectation of an uncertain yet profitable outcome by winning additional money or material goods. This new trend can be now broadly categorized into two major types namely casino-style gaming and biking or sports games. A player needs electronic and digitalized devices such as computers or smartphones equipped with the corresponding software that allows access to the internet and supports the gaming application. The link between the two is the internet – a virtual medium between the casino and the player. However, this has emerged to be a very controversial topic as the governments are very stringent in allowing access to these modern styles of gaming. But, participation in online gambling is legal as long as it does not cause serious harm to oneself or others.

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