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An Ode to the Goat Denim!

“Food, shelter, denim, let’s go back to the essentials!”


Fashion bloggers have a fetish for types of denim as it has become a huge source of inspiration for them to style their outfits in the denim style.  The warp threads of the main material are weaved into each other, which is dyed in while the wrap undercover woven threads remain white in color. The original denim material is always white in color. That is why often when these pants are turned inside out they tend to show white patches.

The word denim originated from a French word called “serge de Nimes”. These materials are known for their durability and were first woven for workers. Back in the 1800s, at the time of the Gold Rush, miners were in need of durable clothes that would sustain the extremity of their working environment. A German-American man named Levi Strauss along with a tailor named Jacob Davis started making denim pants for mine workers. These pants were made with rivets at the places where they tended to tear, they’re making them more durable in nature. This marked the beginning of the legendary brand called Levi Strauss and is a huge success today. By 1930s denim pants marched its way into the modern day, when Hollywood started making cowboy movies. People met denim after the world war two ended when the soldiers wore them while they were on leave. After the war settled down, a while later brands like Wrangler and Lee started appearing also making denim pants.

Modern-day denim is dyed with synthetic indigo and obtains a worn out and faded look which is often desired according to modern day style quotient. Sustainability is sewn into the fabric, also having an elastic component thus, giving comfort and creating a new kind of basic.

The market has witnessed an increasing number of brands who are striving to establish themselves in this growing industry, so as to harness available technology into a sustainable ensemble and follow the footsteps of the fashion industry.

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