Be a Cyber-Fighter to Test Attack Inception Using Microsoft AV

Microsoft is in-tune with integrating a broader security community. Their researchers, through their latest collaborations, has formulated an ecosystem of intelligent security solutions and thus securing all the vulnerabilities. Microsoft Security Essential has an armed business, government, and individuals with in-depth threat protection capabilities across several platforms and products.

Microsoft Security Essential (MSE) has been through a lot of transformative stages but it still features a simple and clear user-friendly tabbed interface. It is programmed in such a manner that it automatically detects malware and other system viruses to tweak the software settings, respectively. It conducts three types of scans- quick, full and customized. However, a major drawback that the software displays is that it doesn’t disinfect the file it directly deletes infected files. Bearing this factor in mind, MSE serves to be the best standalone software suitable for beginners or for more advanced users such as network administrator.

What sets the Microsoft Security Essential apart from others is the volume and variety of Microsoft’s specialized security analysis.   The company continues to develop new capabilities in the MSE platform using automation, machine learning, and advanced real-time detection techniques. The product is successfully providing security against sophisticated and concealed cyber threats such as botnets, ransomware, and phishing.

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