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Being a Drinkaholic in 2019 is a must!

A drink is shorter than a tale; so you need to drink more…….

It is always an exciting time to get drowned in beverages, especially the ones that can turn your day-to-day a bit livelier and healthier. You will see that these days, innovation is trending across every market segment, and beverages are fitting into more areas of people’s lives than we could have fanaticized. Even if you dig deep, it is challenging to know exactly of what’s in store, but here are some of the trends that the SME’s of RNR are expecting will play a substantial role in the beverage landscape in 2019:

  • Protein Beverages –

Protein beverages have been and will continue to be a prevalent category. Since consumers in recent days have become more inclined towards health and fitness, many of next year’s beverages will focus on building wellness. Protein has been presented to relief in muscle repair, recovery and building and has been a popular drink element among the athletes. However, today a large number of protein beverages are sold to non-athletes as well and this has eventually led to augmented innovation in the flavors of protein beverages that are offered.

  • Nootropic Beverages –

 Nootropic beverages are the type of nutrient supplement that helps to improve the function and performance of the brain and health. Choline, theanine, iodine, and taurine are included in some of the synthetic nootropics. In the popular natural nootropics, ingredients such as grape seed extract, kava kava, and ginseng are included. Nootropics are all set to see its tremendous growth in the forthcoming years, as it has turned out to be the most favorite beverage component among people. Since consumers are focused on dropping caffeine and sugar intake, nootropics are the best that provides a mind-enhancing effect and has the quality of boosting one’s energy.

Apart from these, functional waters and cannabinoid beverages are also spreading widely amongst people as it has massive health benefits as it has infused herbs in it, which are more preferable by the consumers.

If we look at the range of new and creative drinks that are available these days on the skyline, one thing is for sure that no one will ever be thirsty for innovative beverages in 2019.

All you need to have is patience and wait till its Beverage o’ clock.

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