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Campus experiences are helping businesses to realize if they are exceeding the maximum occupancy loads

With the growing public facilities, such as street cameras and other surveillance devices being installed in the streets and public facilities has helped administrators to deal with several factors affecting people. While these devices take a bird-eye view on the motion of the people, they offer highly scalable solutions for huge mob management studies.

Segmenting an individual’s trajectory data with the help of assuming datasets are gathered using GPS, which offers precise positioning. WiFi tracking has become a huge boon for understanding social behavior and eventually answers the advanced questions regarding visited locations. The location of devices can at best be reduced to a large area around the WiFi scanner. The radio frequency based (RF-based) detection of on-person devices also tracks the clustering of people in a limited area of space. However, geography, weather, interference with the environment, as well as many other factors influence tracking data that is received and hence, affecting its measuring potential. Bluetooth is yet another popular method for detecting the presence and functioning of nearby Bluetooth devices with the help of RF protocol and always functions in a smaller range. Motion detection picks up the slightest movements and captures the situation on the ground in real time and pattern detection identifies objects to frame certain pattern over time.

Be it monitoring the crowd density of certain areas or tracking the congestion in traffic, crowd analytics has complemented truly what an end-user needs.


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