Discharge the peril, not your coffee!

There we are, consciously scrolling down through some statistical reports and whining about the advertisements that constantly explodes in the mid of work. Strangely, Google pops up with an advertisement based on nutritive content that is luscious and more of our flavor.

As our research analysts stopped scrolling and focused on the content of the advertisement, it said, “A balanced breakfast and your morning coffee, all in one convenient bottle comprises 400 calories of complete plant-based nutrition and same caffeine as a strong cup of coffee.” This quote got our team thinking.

Discerning about the craze coffee has become, not just that itself, but more like ‘What should you add to it and what you shouldn’t.’ So now, instead of troubling your head with how you should doctor your coffee, we thought that as a Market Research firm we could give you an in-depth information of how you could in-real medic your coffee to benefit your body.

Here are some ideas, which can help to doctor your coffee:

  • Avoid artificial sweetener or refined sugar

It is suggested to limit sugar to 25 grams per day, which is approximately 100 calories per day. Our research analysts have also come up with an information which says that you could gain weight if caffeine is consumed as a beverage on top of your daily needs. Not compulsorily this product, but anything consumed excess leads to some blues.

  • Add cinnamon or nutmeg to your coffee

According to the study of our experts, cinnamon acts as an antioxidant, reins your blood sugar and provides a balance of every enzymatic response in the body. Nutmeg, on the other hand, relieves pain, toughens brain function and upsurges immune function as well.

  • Food before coffee in the morning

Used to starting your day with A Cup of Beans? Avoid it! Our SME’s say that caffeine without food releases a hormone called insulin, which lowers your blood sugar and pulls down your energy. Mix in a snack comprising of carbs, proteins or fat and then sip the cup of beans.

  • Try mixing cocoa with your brew

Our researchers have figured out that coffee already has polyphenols and some other anti-inflammatory compounds. But a simple teaspoon of cocoa will not only improve your brain function will also help in increasing your memory function.

To sum it up

Your choices can either improve your health or diminish it. The fact here is, if you are drinking your coffee black with sugar or with something that ends in “cino”, question your food choices. Vote for something that you can have more control over.

You do not have to disown your brew cup. Just make it healthier!

Thanks for reading! Stay informed!

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