Content Marketing on Shared and Converged Media

Own, Share and Earn

While we split a different kind of media platforms, a single but authentic story can converge them to bring value to people. The media really is getting increasingly stressed for its integrated and overlapping approach

Written content has motivated people to share their stories since ages, in fact, it has tried to define their emotions. The combination of social media and content is so strong, that if done strategically, it has the capability to reach far and wide with as many people as possible. Ever since the advent of WWW and email marketing, storytelling has manifested cause and consequence by making sense of the worldly things around us.

Storytelling is essential

Today, content marketing is loosely related to social media marketing and has become a fundamental fuel for business to grow and reach their target audiences over the cyberspace. Humans, digest information as a story than that in the form of a claim. An organization’s digital properties, which includes websites and custom built portals can post their stories in the form of their goals, mission, customer testimonials, which allows people to empathize.  This allows our brains to process information in a form that is more digestible and memorable.  Also, stories sell! When your content can describe minute emotions, people find resonance with it. Audience over online platforms are growing and are often in search of new stories to interact with brands to engage with relevant content, which otherwise they might be missing out on. It all starts with a business plan and ends with dollars.

Social media, thank you for being so social!

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