Data Ethics: A philosophical approach towards the tools for data control

The term data ethics is becoming a buzzword for optimizing the data usage and to maintain its overall sustainability. A good data management system adheres to the principles of human right for personal data protection and is a step further than just by providing integrity to users.

Recognition for the right to privacy and to be responsible for one’s own data is driving all the parameters required for keeping data ethics ahead of the competitive edge.

The constant need for confronting the ethical strategies adopted by organizations in the face of public criticism is amplifying the importance of correct data tools.

“Data at scale”

Data ethics has refined the approach towards being information-centric and data-centric. It just defines a fine line for evaluating moral dimensions for all kinds of data to minimize the complexity associated with the collection, storing, processing and its distribution to the end users. It emphasizes on the micro and macro ethics of an appropriate data science technique. With the rising amounts of data and the growing adoption of big data technologies, this new concept is providing opportunities for enhanced reliance on computer-generated algorithms by respecting the fairness for human data rights.

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