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The best way to determine the appropriate dog food includes considering several factors like your canine’s nutritional needs, preferences in taste, and their lifestyle. Understanding the nutritional needs and lifestyle of your dog can be achieved by studying and observing them respectively. To find out the taste of food that your canine prefers, here are a few tips:

Two-Bowl Palatability Tests 

Offer your pets two bowls of different foods to determine which food they would prefer. Note the bowl from which your dog first ate the food along with the quantity of food that is consumed. This technique is known as the two-bowl palatability test and is also used by dog food manufacturers for testing their products.

Consumption Study

This is comparatively more reliable way to measure animal preference and palatability of the food. Feed your canine a particular type of food for two days, followed by a palate-cleansing diet for a day. Then, feed them with the second type of food and measure the amount of each food consumed. This will provide you a comparative analysis for both the food products.

Dog food palatability is an elaborate science that makes manufacturing of their food products an even more complex procedure. Here is a small insight to enhance your understanding of the sense of taste that your four-footed family member possesses:

Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds and have four taste bud groups that are common in humans, which are sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Although dogs have fewer taste buds than humans, their highly developed sense of smell makes up for it.

So, next time you choose dog food, take this test to ensure your dog thinks it’s good!


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