Fall being the traditional time to harvest roots; Chicory is ideally the root of the season

Chicory is a wild pant that is good to eat.  Chicory leaves are usually bitter in taste but are attributed to be extremely good got out gut. It has a unique composition of folic acid, which is used in the treatment of anemia and other blood-related disorders.

It first appeared in America back in the early 1700s and is said to have been shipped from Europe. It is popular in the west due to its unique coffee like properties. Chicory when roasted, it produces a coffee-like taste and ha an absence of caffeine in it. It can end up making an amazing beverage for your mornings and eliminates any health risks associated with its consumption, due to the presence of vital nutrients that are essential for the body. The long leaves of this plant can be used in making a salad and can also be used as a vegetable by boiling it down in a pan. It is said to enhance the blood flow to the liver and helps clean the blood toxins. Since early times, when consuming pure coffee was a matter of huge expenses, people in America who couldn’t afford the luxury beverage considered consuming chicory as a substitute. It has shown a recent trend to consume this plant product to maintain the GI flora of the body and its insulin regulating capability has resulted in its widespread adoption for treating diseases like diarrhea, constipation, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

This when blended often tastes like chocolate!

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