Feeding the Foodies

Cooked, Sealed and Delivered!


Opening a brand new restaurant needs a great deal of capital, months of designing a menu and much more. And once the brick-and-mortar restaurants are up and start to run, things may fall flat business. Incubators play a vital role to attract chefs to let creativity flourish.

The top 3 foodservice trends that are continuously penetrating the traditional dining restaurants:

The marketers are contemplating the road ahead to carry lessons as they plot their plan for growth

1. Name it and click to collect.

Firstly, technology is granting food service providers to ramp from personal flavor customization to a more detailed level service; personalization. They are focusing on millennials, as they court a major population and high spendable money sources. Tabletop devices are a new trend in new technology. It conveniently streams out dining experience without waiting for a server for assistance. According to a study by Ziosk, with the installment of tabletop tablets a restaurant tablet provider, restaurants can see a 300% increase in e-club enrollments and up to 10% higher PPAs, or per person averages.

2. Repurposing kitchen norms.

Food quality is a big concern for people nowadays. Restaurants are visiting their food safety-related strategies to outsource responsible food preparation practices. For example how restaurants use cooking oil has always been an uptick topic of concern. This had led to the installation of Restaurant Technologies’ Total Oil Management’s solution automated oil cleaning system driven by consumer trends and expectations.

3.  Online food delivery

Restaurants are increasingly absorbing this trend when it comes to accepting food orders placed through phone applications. This system generates 90 percent of the market share and is opening new frontiers in exploring capitalization in grocery delivery. For instance, Uber eats is taking over food delivery trends in 2018 as it provides highly nutritious and affordable plant-based food. Uber eats app supplies superfood that contain incredible levels of essential vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and good oils. The Raptor Room not only serves up hilarious dish names but infused with vital ingredients like beans, beetroot, and avocado.

In the next few years, the food service sector is anticipated to flourish beyond bounds and there are so many developments made to revolutionize the future of this market.

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