Green Cars Can Now Chase The Horse

Keen to be Green!

Honestly what picture does an electric car gives us? A battery driven automobile, right? Wrong! These EVs are economical as the cost of electricity required to run them is almost one third than that of petrol.  They promise to bless us with cleaner air and thus will effectively kick start the green revolution for the automobile sector.

1 Featuring Fully Driven Electric Car; New BMW i3

A decade ago, conserving energy was a far lost dream that humanity still wanted to conceive. Over the years, the number of car enthusiasts across the globe have tremendously increased and so have the health issues exacerbated due to the resulting pollution. As diesel engines progress towards retirement, the talk of wisp topic called the tax benefits of buying a diesel car will soon lose the reimbursement that is currently associated with it.  Governments are planning to make EVs a norm, and are provisioning more and more incentives. A study revealed that petrol and diesel run cars will be banned on the UK roads by 2040.  A study by the US Environmental Protection Agency, displays that to travel 100 miles, an electric car is 75% cheaper than a conventional combustion engine one. The major challenge; lack of local charging stations, is being addressed. Wherein, otherwise you have to call a tow truck in case of fuel timeouts.

Technology has never been this best and it’s rapidly changing dimensions across building greener and cleaner combustion engine alternatives. With this comes popped up demand and popularity of vehicles that don’t produce any emissions.

The rise in need for pure electric cars that are compatible/ aligned with the dream of better environment has led to the increasing popularity of these earth friendly vehicles.


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