Hey learners, here’s something new for you all in school!

Did you know that you can easily programme and issue a digital badge to students? To accomplish the most operative results with your digital badging initiative, it is very essential to mug up from institutions who are leading the way with their own badging program.

What are Digital Badges?

Digital badges are small rewards given to the students when they master a skill or complete a learning upshot and these badges are shaped by the teachers and displayed online. It has been observed that digital badges go beyond the classrooms and presently one out of five colleges use badges to display the skills, knowledge, and activities of the students. These badges can further benefit the students to get scholarships, enter graduate school and get jobs.

Know how digital badges help to create a positive atmosphere during schoolwork –

  • Recognizing achievements is the King:

Badges show accomplishments in the classroom as they identify the deserving students for completing a task or mastering a skill such as turning in the homework’s efficiently or knowing a lot more about a particular topic that has been taught.

  • Boosting group work is a must:

Badges that identifies triumphs as a class or group, motivates the students to work together towards a common goal. This eventually creates a hale and hearty bond between the students and competition is taken in an optimistic way.

  • Demonstrating growth is the Queen:

Badges basically portray the level of growth in a specific skill, from beginner to mastery. This also allows the students to get attentive about their qualities and limitations that they need to either refine or transform.

  • Showing off the real-time skills:

Badges depict that students have detailed knowledge and skills that might not even be evident in transcripts or report cards. This will help to enhance the confidence level of the students and outgrow in that sector even more.

Wrapping up this blog with a question – Do you think digital badges have the potential to create a positive impact on education? 

Think about this!

That’s all folks! Stay informed…

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