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A tattoo – something that was once thought to be a permanent mark on the body, which can now be removed by using a specialized laser. We can now remove all the unwanted inks and leave people with a spotless slate. There have been various methods used since long to remove tattoos, but among all those techniques laser tattoo removal for endless reasons is considered to be the safest and effective procedure that is currently available. The laser works by delivering short, influential pulses of energy to the tattoo, which smashes the ink particles. The body’s natural immune system then reacts to the laser treatment by reddening away the shattered ink over the course of a few weeks.

Below are some common examples of laser tattoo removal myths:

Tattoo removal creams & laser: Do they work the same way?

It is definitely a big no as there is no evidence if these creams work to remove the unwanted inks from the body. Usually, these creams contain some bleach or other rasping chemicals that can mask the tattoo but will not remove any of the ink particles. So the conclusion is: Creams and laser do not work the same way!

Does laser tattoo removal cause scarring?

Scarring is possible, but to an extent, it is too uncommon and the risk is very low if all the protocols are followed. All the certified laser specialists will use the recommended amount of energy to ensure that scarring does not take place by any means. People who are inked should follow all the strict aftercare instructions to prevent this from occurring.  

Can new tattoos be removed?

Tattoos do not have to be old and worn to be removed. Fresh tattoos can be treated as long as the skin of the individual is completely healed and there are no scabs. It is actually easier to treat new tattoos as there will be ink settled in the top layer of the skin.

To sum it up, it is said that people who are inked are very fearless. They reveal something that they usually don’t verbalize.

Remember: Your body is your journal, and your tattoos are your story!

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