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How is video streaming measuring the wild-west of the future?

The media world that we live in today has come a long way from early developments of traditional television and radios to new channels of online streaming and advanced internet services.

The computers and electronics industries have grown many-fold and the rise in the hardware sales has exponentially fueled the video streaming statistics. This form of media has attracted the internet enthusiasts who can also be termed as digital entertainment seekers. An optimal framework for scheduled updates on video updates can concretize into a particular pattern that can help in reaching a wider audience. Channels such as YouTube has a subscribe button, which is an elite symbolism of trust and partnership between the viewer and audience. The viewer gets wider access to the subscribed channel via a feature called a streaming a live video. It always gives the total number of participants who are a part of the entire streaming and the followers get an update when the streamer is live.  Twitch is yet another platform that handles video streaming and chooses to save the video on demand (VOD) in an uncut format. Live video streaming enables the viewers to connect to brands in a more spontaneous and authentic way. The loyal fans are also interested in knowing behind the scenes or uncut parts of the video production process.

The ‘high stakes’ nature of live streaming content, press conferences to signing new contacts,  exposes a brand to the greater level of pressurized situations to have their strategy and process in lockstep.

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