India Oversights to Build Defense Capabilities to Create Nuclear Shield for the Nation

This December, the future of India’s defense is anticipated to change forever. Setting the stage for years the nation is now going to be a part of a progressive state-of-the-defense family. As the Government is pacing up on its way to this project completion, India will emerge as a tenacious surveillance system.

A chief personality has confirmed in a recent interview, that the missile is undergoing harbor trials and will be successfully delivered by the end of this year.  Modi’s government has outlined the perspective to team up Indian navy and National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) to endure major trials of the dome-shaped antennas integrated with respective sensors before its final launch. Rear Admiral Babu pitched in a recent interview, “The keel of the vessel was laid in June 2014 and we would have completed it in less than five years. It is a very complex vessel and we have set a new standard for building vessels of such class on time”.

India to witness an exceptional and dynamic vessel armed with high-end radars and sensors tracking the minutely detailed movement of enemies. Wrapped in secrecy, the ship has a unique shape, is now being spotted docked near Vizag. The Prime Minister’s office decided to invest largely in this covered project to enhance security in terms of future prospects. But as the curtain raises, 7250 million worth sensor-laden ship is to shape-up the international safety and pushing its back against potent enemies.







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