Instagram Was All Caught Up With the Junkyard

Have you checked out a profile 87 times in the last week? Be ready for another 87 more

Instagram is catching up with Facebook by introducing its new intimidating personalized user experience. The gram grows more chaotic while user engagement gets sunnier. Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has taken the world by storm.   A glimpse of Instagram feed uncovered gushing flood of ads and posts.  Primal inclination in its feature of adding filters and square photos had grabbed people’s attention on the era’s most influential image-based app.

Instagram’s outstanding 800 million active users is daunting and is also crowd-sourcing to amplify a passionate following. The introduction of stories brilliantly created a salient ecosystem to make your message reach out to people in the form of teasers and sponsored ads.

“Going live” on the gram gains more engagement as your followers get notified about your action and notably gives you a chance to add a human touch to the commercial canvas. After the alteration in the working of Instagram to enhance your visibility by investing in budget-friendly sponsored ads, it is witnessing how personal brands are working with organic reach.

“You are all caught up” feature lets the user know if they have viewed all the photos and videos from the last 48 hours. Understanding the factors that influence the ranking of a piece of content, marketers can effectively surge the timeliness of a post. The working this hyped algorithm has always been the talk of the town where influencers and e-commerce businesses have constantly tried to clarify its predictions.  An Instagram spokesperson cleared all the rumors related to this sophisticated algorithm, saying that 2018 marked a turning point in terms of its credibility and engagement. Instagram now ranks content based on genres (e.g. travel, food, fashion, sports, etc.) and pulls up a particular content up against the feed based on a genre of posts you have interacted with in the past.


The Instagram algorithm is pushing for authenticity. Due to the traffic junk appearing in the feed channel, this algorithm now filters out posts by studying the pattern of content they like, share or save. Therefore, it has become utmost important for brands to post a piece of content with a catchy caption and appropriate hashtag that makes users want to hit the ‘more’ button and be devoted to the page.


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