Market research is the quiet hero that runs through every prosperous organization!

Market research can be titled as quite a dry and tedious topic to those who are not a part of this industry. But for those who have been very dynamic and excited about the research world for some time, enjoy the variation in work and the opportunity to transform perceptions and thinking with new insights and evidence. The discoveries can change the actions and deliverables off the back. So the next time when you are at a social event introduced to new people and face the question of ‘What do you do,’ just answer simply – “I do market research and change history!”

Let’s take a ride and see the examples of market research that drove the choices to evade catastrophe:

  • Second World War propaganda – Earlier, propaganda stimulated fear and hatred, that motivated people to conform regulating and prudence, but later the concept of messaging was found to occupy people in optimistic behaviors through fortification of morals and community spirit. In terms of prominent research with massive consequences, very few campaigns top studies that helped win the war and substitute peace.
  • Instagram, YouTube and Twitter – Consumer research has come a long way in the last 100 years. We wouldn’t have these three popular sites if they weren’t for some worthy researching of the market. In the fast-paced digital world, these organizations could have taken the catastrophic conclusion to trench these products in their early forms. But researching the market empowered the brands to concentrate on these products to give the digital consumer the exact what they are looking for.
  • Starbucks turned into an experience – The coffee and the food industry is absolutely progressing immensely and the brand that really set the bar for others is Starbucks. The most adroit thing that Starbucks did was to conduct research and recognize the unmet needs. Starbucks is very observant to customers which are deceptive in their approach to market research.

 Wrapping it up –

Market research not only creates powerful insights that are significant for a social change but also motivates the positive behavior, action and long-term goals for brands and businesses. However, it gets very fewer credits in such circumstances for evading any catastrophe.

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