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Lighting is not only an essential component that improves the appearance of your aquarium, but also plays a vital role in creating a healthy environment for your fish and coral. A variety of aquarium lighting equipment such as power compact lights, metal halide, led lights, high output bulbs, etc. are available in the market. This equipment is being increasingly utilized to stimulate a natural environment to enhance the well-being of fish, coral, and other invertebrates in the aquarium. Moonlighting adds a minimal light source to your regular lighting that allows a cool-down period at night. It aids us in recreating the cycle of daylight and moonlight similar to the environment that saltwater creatures are subjected to in their natural habitat.

Moonlighting reduces the stress and makes it easier for corals and nocturnal fishes to adjust to the artificial environment in the aquarium. It creates an environment that encourages the natural behavior of the nocturnal as well as the diurnal fishes. It provides a more relaxed environment that ensures a stronger immune system and a healthy environment for your fishes. This is necessary for their well-being as these creatures are more susceptible to infections and illnesses, especially when they are settling into a new environment.

Adding a night light to your aquarium will also give you an opportunity to observe the nocturnal behavior and the subtle changes of your fish and coral. It is a simple addition that has a significant and soothing effect on the fish and their surroundings.


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