Net-savvy Entrepreneurs are hatching new ventures to hit the goldmines and avoid the landmines!

Ever since the Facebook application was launched the concept of eCards to send seasons to friends and family. This business has entered a clear social network to enter into a bevy of potential revenue-generating possibilities.

One of the major challenges that the people face is how to determine where to invest your resources while mastering social networking. There is certainly no brand over the internet that doesn’t want to grow their return on investment. Vanity metrics such as likes and follower count are always good to measure, but does it tell you the whole story of a brand on social media? We often get tangled in the number of likes and followers we have but the truth to social media campaigns lies in an attempt to create likable content with absolutely that can actually reach out to user’s feed and enabling the maximum engagement on that particular post.

Some of the metrics that you might rather want to peruse could be like:


Facebook and Instagram have always been rolling out new features to help business accounts gain more seamless and useful experience. Facebook reach is the number of unique people who have viewed your post. Everything on Instagram and Facebook comes down to reaching more people via different kinds of tactics such as organic, post, page, viral and paid.


This aspect determines the number of times a post, your company’s name, or the logo has been clicked on by people. Tracking clicks per campaign are essential to understanding what encourages or drives curiosity among people to buy the product you are selling.


Engagement on a particular post is determined by the total number of social interactions divided by a number of impressions. This feature sheds light on how well the viewers or audiences are recognizing your page and if they are willing to further interact with the brand.

Paid or Organic likes:

Gaining traction is becoming harder for a social channel like Facebook as most of the primary brands have established themselves well on the social. However, entrepreneurs still have got the chance by deciding to invest in their social media marketing strategies and focus on engagement. Instagram advertising involves paying some amount in order to post sponsored content leading to more exposure and more control over who can view your posts.


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