One Shoe Fits All

SCADA is an acronym that stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.  SCADA is a crucial device for industries as they help to monitor and control the functioning of a plant’s equipment.  Collecting real-time data and transferring it back to a central plant site is also an important part of its monitoring environment.

The computer-based system deals with critical and time-sensitive materials or events from all parts of an organization’s production facilities.

Thick Clients: These are the systems on which the SCADA software are installed.  These systems can actor can be used as workstations hosting several other systems. Therefore, every SCADA/HMI application requires at least one thick client to run the entire program.

Thin Clients: Thin clients are the networked computers that do not actually have the software installed in them. Eventually, these devices use an HTML5 compliant web browser access remote utilities within their firewalls, intended to approach the main workstation or a thick client.


Heading Towards the Clouds

The cloud-based subscription model makes it possible for clients to access different utilities by hosting a single server application on the host computer. It enables thin clients to access the integrator host using an upfront subscription model, without dipping into the capital investment budget. Kennedy Industries Inc., since the past nine years, has been hosting their own cloud-based SCADA software using the VTSCADA application server.

Understanding the type of devices that the SCADA software will be communicating to, should be the most important factor to be considered before product deployment.


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