“Potato Chips” Snaking On the Rise

The foods market is growing ‘potato pro’ and is substantially targeting the younger population, which has popularly become an affordable snack. The crisps market is re-designing its chips production as encouraged by the response from consumer trends.

With the growing affinity towards introducing new flavors, the major players of the market are increasing their strategic planning towards developing fresh flavors to meet taste preferences of varied consumers.

In light of the recent acquisition of savory marketers are manufacturing packets of crisps that can demand people’s attention as soon as they are opened. Burt’s chips, for instance, are known for their sublime goodness. They offer a mighty combination of Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar flavors that is sufficient to intrigue taste buds to cheerfully start salivating.

Baked not fried!            

There is nothing more delightful than opening up the packet of your favorite potato chips, making your in between meals totally satisfying. Some people may think that a humble chip can cause them harm. Although, which is true. Consumers are seeking healthier snacks, which they can indulge in, owing to an increase in awareness regarding the consumption of deep-fried foods. Many brands are focusing on altering their traditional bits and bytes production strategies into consumer approved grounds; baked, without the junk!

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