Quoting the hazards of chemicals; put your best foot forward for freeing the body and so that we can act become the chemicals react

The agricultural chemicals used in the production of wholesome yields plays a very important role in the growth of good quality crops. The season cycles determine the type of crop suitable for a particular weather condition also it helps in understanding what type of chemicals to be used.

The main aim of controlling pests is to minimize the damage incurred at an economic level. Also, the spray applicator must be keen on making sure that the pesticide is not harming the surrounding. Protecting the off-target areas is vital to recognize the damage that can be incurred in any agricultural situation. If we take a look at all the poisoning incidents that usually takes place in farming activities, it has mandated prevention of exposure routes. Among many other effects on the environment, both the private and government organizations have put a check on maintenance activities of high-scale production of crops that require greater amounts of pesticides such as bananas, grapes, pine and citrus fruits. Also, the vegetable crops such as corn and rice require a high amount of fertilizers and pesticides. From the legislative context, there have been certain norms that has restricted application of certain chemicals during specific conditions such as bad weather or toxic chemical spill. Years of intensive yet balanced rain-dependent agriculture majorly affected small-scale farming. The concept of monoculture has shown some profits in terms of growing high gross margin crops. Monoculture has exposed the land to its clearing out in the process of converting them into the cultivable property. It has eventually regrouped the response to resistance that is also called as pesticide trap. The poor soil fertility due to extensive monoculture has aggravated the use of agrochemicals in farming activities.








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