Raise your paws for a bone!

“Every snack you make, every bite you take. I will be watching you.” – Your four-legged friend

The love stop for a dog is his food. It is truly said that a dog can guard your house but he cannot guard your box of pizza! Finding the right food for canines is one of the most vital parts of providing the best nutrition to these foodies, dog owners share.

The pet’s food industry has witnessed huge changes over the period of time. With new brands popping up, organic and natural food diets like the Paleo diet, is now commercially becoming available for dogs. A perfect pet food has the right amount of nutrients, antioxidants like vitamin C that help them a vital immune system in their seniors. For instance, NutriSource is a dog food manufacturer, producing all types of super-premium pet’s food that help preserve a healthy gut. As much as we are thrilled to have a healthy dog, they as we know, are picky eaters and are a “food now” type of creatures. It is important to understand that they need to be fed healthy but also should meet their required balance of nutrients. They need the appropriate combination of protein, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, and fiber to live happy and healthy lives. A common mistake that dog owners often end up doing is going all ‘junky’. Such greasy and jumble foods end up being highly toxic to their well-being causing health issues like digestive problems and allergic reactions. If it looks daunting to walk down the aisle of a pet supply store and its interiors seem overly expensive, corn is one of the most eligible food that can be used as a cheap filler. Narrowing down to the dog food choices, giving your dog the variety he wants, along with the true balance of micro-nutrients at every stage of his life.

The bond between dogs and humans continue to evolve into a beautiful gesture-symbolic connection and with the science to back it up, we must comprehend the reason behind those belly rubs!

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