Researchers at MIT University are making the most of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to create some of the most realistic paintings

Artificial intelligence is reciprocating some of the most difficult tasks considered by human beings and so it is creating the most authentic oil paintings from an original photo.

The researchers have developed an application called RePaint, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create some of the lost masterpieces.  It helps the user to some of the most color-accurate pictures using halftoning the image from an array of 10 different color grade available in the tool. It appeals the user due to its most authentic-looking originals and has served as a boon by reviving the old work of art.

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of this prestigious university, have plated the standard CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) fields that also has the combination of inks to determine the appropriate shade in conjunction with the app’s algorithm that can serve the dignity and integrity of the original picture. As it uses the 3D printing technology, this application seems to be quite expensive but if we are here to judge the color fidelity of the result that it produces, it can be titled as an impressive start to man’s sublime twitch of imagination and technology.

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