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Retailing businesses have appeared over our favorite mobile phones to satisfy its emerging demands and satisfy the customers

From brick and mortar to Contextual Shopping

As a result of far-paced technological advancements, consumers are increasingly using smartphones and therefore, have become an important part of their lives. We often seen them glued to their phones as if their world revolves around it. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, it’s the best thing from the retailers’ point of view.

We never leave our house without our phones. What is like so important there in it? A lot of things. We do end up buying a lot of online products from websites such as Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. How retailers use these platforms has a lot to do with customer behavior. The Internet gives a non-stop connectivity among the sellers and the buyers, thereby, affecting how companies and consumers interact. Empirical studies in recent times have examined the daily use of the smartphone, which also gives a clear view of customer behavior and their interests. This helps brands to target the necessary customers accordingly. People often ask for expert advice while choosing the right product. This gives the retailer a chance to understand the offering and provide necessary possibilities for consumers to gain valuable returns from their favorite stores and brands. The millennial population is inclined towards buying discounted products and are also the largest group of people who are active on social media. Consumers’ from different ethnic, religious, and racial subcultures are connected through this device and marketers take this factor into account to deliver customized and regionally popular services.

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