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Looking good is an important part of feeling good, eating healthy, and being active. It boosts your self-esteem, which reduces your inclination towards self-destructive behavior and encourages you to be healthier and active. Shapewear isn’t about perfecting your body because it is beautiful the way it is, but it is a tool to achieve the art of seamless dressing. It is about giving your body some support and smoothing out your figure. Irrespective of their shape or size, several women are incorporating shapewear in their daily outfits to enhance their shape and give their self-esteem a boost. If you aren’t wearing one already or would love to have some more, read on to discover tips about determining the right shapewear for your body and the best one to make the most of your outfit.

Shapewear comes in a variety of types and you can choose which part of your body you want to support. You can focus on your problem area and choose the one that suits your needs accordingly.


Body– offers full coverage for the whole body

Camisoles/Cami Shaper– slim lines the upper body by streamlining your breasts and offering tummy control

Upper Arms– Arm Shapers

Tummy– gives you a smooth tummy and offers tummy control

Hips– offers support to the hips and tummy

Bust– enhances the bust area

Waist-aids in smoothening and contouring curves in the waist

Thighs– offers thigh shaping and tummy control

After determining the size, it is necessary to make sure you get the right size of shapewear. Measure your waist and the fullest part of your hips to determine the right size of shapewear for yourself as each brand will recommend you a size based on those numbers. It is essential for you to buy the appropriate size of these garments as buying a smaller size will make the shapewear bulge under your clothing and a larger size will be quite noticeable. There are numerous varieties of fancy, delicate, and lacy shapewear to pamper yourself with.

Body tight Tops and Shirts: Cami Shaper/Shaper Top

Shirts, Blouses, Long Sleeved Tops, and Cold Shoulder Tops: Arm Shapers

Pencil Skirts, Dress Pants, and Skinny Jeans: Shapewear Panties, Tummy Control Panties, Briefs, and Thongs

Strapless and Backless Dresses: Push Up Bras

Tunics, Parkas, Oversized Sweaters, and Layers: High Waisted Leggings and Jeggings

Maxi and Bodycon Dresses: Body Shaper Panty

Princess Cut Dresses and Summer Dresses: Shaper Shorts and Butt Lifters

So go get some shapewear for all those dresses you need to wear because you can never have enough shapewear and you won’t be able to resist buying just one more pair!


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