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Tails talk; a paw-esome news for your four-legged friend. Tech talk is brewing around the concept of GPS tracker for dogs

Human beings are empathetic towards their pets as they are serving up to the sensibility of their pet’s needs. They are decking-up their dogs and are giving them the best of available foods.

The advent of advanced technology has granted a boon for dog owners to easily locate their pets using their mobile phones or computer, which can easily track their location with the only requisite of internet availability. If in any case, your dog leaves your safe zone, the GPS tracker can provide you with precise location and allows you to digitally create safe zones for your dog.

LINK AKC manufactures smart collars that are designed for your dog’s comfort and fashion.  The tracking unit is attached to this collar making the active management of their accessibility functionality. These collars come with a corresponding application that is to be downloaded on your smartphone or computer. These usually have a different set of the application based on the type of operating system you use i.e. android or IOS. These devices have the ability to bridge the distance between dog and owner mindset understanding. These can be used on dogs who are more than 3.5 kgs and the antenna mounted on the collar provides real-time updates.

Fitbit certainly fits well for you buddy with cellular GPS tracking and activity monitoring, which is also embedded with a heart rate and audio cue detecting systems.

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