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The menstrual cycle is stressful not only because of the pain, but also the discomfort caused during that particular time of the month. An increased awareness of the importance of menstrual hygiene and a better understanding of menstrual health is propelling various innovations in menstrual products. Tampons and sanitary pads are the most common products used for feminine hygiene. However, using a tampon for the first time and getting habituated to it, is comparatively a bit more difficult than pads. Here are a few notable upgrades that will make you think about taking the courageous decision to try using a tampon:

Sea Sponge Tampons

Sea sponge tampons are a natural alternative to industry-made tampons that lower the probability of infections. These tampons are reusable and are also known to reduce menstrual inflammation.

Organic Tampons

It is a skin-friendly and biodegradable product that effectively addresses the concern of waste produced by disposable menstrual products. These organic tampons are a healthier alternative and are devoid of chlorine, rayon, fragrance, and synthetic fibers.

Tampon with Liners

This innovative creation is a perfect solution to provide additional protection against unwanted leakage. The tampon’s applicator has a mini liner attached to it that is tucked between the labia and offers extra comfort.

Every woman has a different menstrual cycle and understanding its unique traits is a vital step in determining the right menstrual product for you. It is also a big step towards knowledge that empowers you to take charge of your own health.


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