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The consumer spending trends in video streaming platforms.

Given the analysis of the current scenario of video streaming platform like the most trending ‘Netflix’, the economic optimism has affected the increased customer spending for these online services.

This macroeconomic factor has leveraged an increase in the average price of availing these services. The consumer spending has grown steadily over the past several years attributed to the growth of daily wages, decreasing unemployment, and equity markets nearing an all-time high state of profitability.

Market experts classify Netflix as an online streaming platform that is a direct internet marketing retail firm and its exponential adoption is continuously catering to the increasing demand for entertainment and gives an optimal source of choice as in what would potentially interest the customer. Unlike the traditional television, online video streaming has catered to the user experience factor making the entire entertainment process online and on-demand.

Usually, corporations within a particular industry syndicate their services in such a way that customers enroll for a fixed fee at various price levels depending on their result goals and what exactly they expect from that particular service. For example, Netflix offers an array of subscription packages that allows the viewer to choose what suits their requirement and subsequently allows them to stream TV shows and movies from their official application available on Google play store and iOS app store. It renders the video in high definition and gives the permission for multiple users to access an account from different devices.

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