The future of automotive industry is iterating faster than ever

Additive manufacturing has been a major game changer in the automotive industry. Having customizable car seats, body style and also being able to choose an engine is no more on a wish list. Car manufacturers are pumping out personalized cars designed according to your specs. Printers like Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) has the capability to create components of any lengths and shapes.

Building certain parts can be really complicated and expensive, taking a few months to draw the final outcome. But a 3D printer can do the same in just a few hours, therefore speeding up vehicle manufacturing significantly. A 3D printer is almost as big as a room and has the capability of printing automobile parts of any size. They generally print structures using high tensile fabricated plastic, which is much lighter than the traditional cast metal parts. These machines output structures much lighter and are the perfect solution for manufacturing low-volume race cars, therefore making them financially attractive.

Typically a car is made up by assembling more than 30,000 distinct parts and components, all made using different manufacturing methods. Well, a bit more information about cars will tell you from where cars get their exorbitant price. Understanding the present day scenario of how 3D printing is impacting the automotive industry, durability, reparability, and cost are the three major benefits that it offers.

The production of a typical car is influenced by the following layout parts:

  • The Underlying Frame

The uni-body/spine is constructed using a mortar-like mixture of high tensile strength steel and a special composition of metals.

  • Panels

Body panels are made up of a material having a unique composition of metal and plastic (for instance, front/bumper).

  • The Hood

These cars majorly have a strong aluminum hood and it is also used for making the deck lid.

  • Car Interior

The interior parts such as gauges, dials, air conditioner vents, floor mats, seat belts, dashboard, switches, door handle, airbags and similarly made from different types of plastics.

Selecting your dream vehicle

 Car enthusiasts often wish to create their own tailored car components with unique additional design features when implemented to the car structure gives lush of customization resonating with their souls.

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