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The future of mobile value added services

Mobile Value Added Services (VASs) have become one of the major revenue generators in the telecom and information technology industry. The developing countries such as India is undergoing a lot of structural and reformative changes.

Mobile services have replaced the traditional communication roads of India and VAS is generating a greater level of revenue in the telecommunication industry. Telecom industry as we all have witnessed has shifted from the traditional voice calls too much more. The concept of rendering value added services to the end users has enabled them to avail numerous facilities. The significant changes in peoples’ lifestyles and the initiation of the reign of social media has boosted the growth of the telecom industry. The futuristic penetration of MVAS is anticipated to show an increased growth by mainly substituting the physical person-to-person exchange of funds. The shift from using a 2g service to using a 4g in our mobile phones has made the applicative areas such as m-commerce, m-health, m-agriculture, m-infotainment and m-education clearer than ever. Internet and sending bulk SMS is the key services provided by MVAS. M-books, education, ringtones, caller tunes, and other content consumption are some of the other services used by the respondents.

The network providers are increasingly focusing on granting a high level of customer satisfaction that is immensely crucial for business survival. The entire infrastructure that is built to focus on product innovation, customer feedback and lifecycle management, sales and channel optimization is being attributed to being the key pillars of a feasting a happy customer.


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