The Internet of Things (IoT) Is Making Clothing More Fashionable; “Switching On” The Fashion Industry

The Way to Style and Connect!

Activity trackers such as Fitbit and other strapped devices attached to our wrist, arm, feet etc. is said to have been dominating the smart wearable technology devices market since the past few years. Ever since the wrist-worn wearables started to mature, now the industry is getting more creative by taking smart clothing into the mainstream.

At the first glance, you’d be forgiven for thinking it as a normal jacket because it looks and feels like a normal jacket, except for a few square inches on the cuff. It gets charged with a USB and lasts up to two weeks. The capacitive fabric can detect gestures and heart rates. Google and Levi’s are the key manufacturers of this smart jacket, stating that these can be machined washed and can go in for the tumbler drying process.

Once Bruce Sterling reportedly asked a question that usually runs through each of our minds, “Why can’t I Google my shoes when I can’t find them?” well now, we can. 10 billion items or clothing products and footwear are now connected over the internet. Brands like Hugo Boss and Nike are already on their style tips to bring in a line of such products and are expected to hit the market soon. Much more than the strapping gadgets, with these outfits we can monitor our heart rates, emotions and pay for our breakfast without grabbing a smartphone. What if you don’t have a good yoga instructor and you decided to do it on your own. How do we learn the time durations to hold on to certain positions without an expert’s guidance? Smart yoga fitness paths are set with vibrators positions at different points in the outfit such as hips, ankles or knees. Smart running shorts are packed with sensors in the back, measuring attributes like stride length, pelvic rotation and ground contact time.  These pro-biometric clothing are designed to smarten up our commute in more ways than one.


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