Think Sweet and Rethink Sweeteners

As we remain baffled by the number and variety of artificial sweetener products available in the stores, the industry continues its innovation on developing intensely sweet and lower in calorie sweetener, unlike the garden-variety table sugar.  The current trend of diners characterized by the popularity of a boozy lunch has a green canvas for its demand and has consistently served as a good news for the vendor industry.

Some nourishment Gurus have been promoting the benefits of using measured quantities of these low-calorie alternatives whereas some have a preference for natural sweeteners like raw honey or coconut sugar syrup. The global market was bombarded by the popularity of stevia back in 2008 when it had gained approval from FDA. It is huge and a potentially scary market. However, formal ongoing debates on the safety of using highly refined forms of stevia have raised few eyebrows. “Truvia”, a stevia product is said to go through a 40-step chemically patented process. Now artificial sweetener products labeled as “natural flavor” have sneaky components like silica and inulin.  These ingredients are engineered with a complex fermentation process to come up with erythritol, which is sometimes found in certain fruits.

But what’s cooking with Real Stevia?

Stevia is an easy plantation option for your garden. Stevia, which is not exceedingly chemically processed, is a very safe option to replace the consumption of traditional table sugar.  To keep your sugar cravings at bay, add a few fresh leaves of the famous plant into your drink and you are good to go.  While looking for products, choosing “whole leave stevia” is a comparatively wiser option. Increasing awareness towards consuming low-calorie food and beverages across the world has changed the consumer preference for the choice of food products.

While you let your taste buds adjust to less sweetened foods, Stevia is a decent option to repress the need for table sugar and meanwhile uncovers the other sensory impressions of food.

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