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To all those people who look up at the stars and wish for magic; Robots can breathe in space and this is a reality!

The space robotics studies conducted include inspection, assembly, and maintenance of planetary surfaces, which can assess the current state-of-art technology. Robots as we all know are mechanical bodies that undertake an advanced and in-depth examination of an object that can calculate the metrics associated with them and can lead to significant breakthroughs.

Using the advanced technologies such as Sojourner and MER have been deployed to determing the surface structure of any other space body. Robots enable the accomplishment of essential missions such as in-space inspection. AERCam Spirit was one such in-space robot deployed in the year 1997 and was purely teleoperated that could autonomously inspect the exterior surfaces and detect anomalies in the surface of International Space Station (ISS). The latest developments such as terrestrial robots have demonstrated the capability of evaluating an area in a workspace in complex areas involving extreme terrain, occlusions, and highly confined zones.

Space robotics has emerged as a separate field or branch of study and the robotics technology has completely transformed the design, development and application of the automated manufacturing equipments. Various applications of space robots are the construction of a space station, the inspection of a defective satellite, its repair, or and supply goods to this station and its retrieval etc.



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