People usually enjoy the end of the year and the beginning of the new one and from a business perspective, they look back at the previous months and predict what may happen in the forthcoming days!

People in the research, use data’s to anticipate the future, so with this, let’s turn the lens back on the industry and see the recent trends that can play a major role in the coming days. Here are the drifts that can impact the face of research –

  • Customer Experience and Engagement:

In an era where marketing is the core aspect, brands continue to focus on technologies and partners that actually help them to engage, comprehend and activate on a one-to-one basis to renovate a strong attraction for their products/services through storytelling. For research, it means that the analysts might move from trailers and subdivision to methodologies that help brands to accomplish their undertakings.

  • AI and Automation:

These two technologies will continue to flourish and be in the forefront even in the forthcoming years, with numerous researchers who are in search of new ways to fuel their need for shorter, easier and faster data collection technique. This as a whole will grow the demands of the reports and dashboards that are precise and visually convincing.

  • Consumer Closeness:

Since technology got a hype and allowed for fast and effective storage and scrutiny of images and video, the emergence of smartphone cameras and use of geolocation will increasingly take a center stage and offer an extraordinary view into the daily lives of consumers. The era of self-directed and observational mobile ethnography has come into the picture which includes more research participants through video instructions as well.

So we are done, now let’s sum it up!

With the consent of our analysts, we think that these latest trends will influence the industry tremendously in the upcoming days. We also think that some Black Swans may occur and could turn out to be the major key drivers.

Now keeping that in mind, what are your thoughts on this?

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