Wolf berries are hailed as super food and is a favorite item in every food blogger’s chia pot

Wolfberries are also famously known as Goji berries in China and have been used for more than 2000 years for medicinal purposes. These come in brilliant red colors and modern science is investigating the health benefits of this humble berry.

As goji berries have demonstrated a lot of health benefits some of them have been listed down below.

  1. Eyesight:

These berries are said to have very high concentrations of carotenoid called zeaxanthin and efficiently protects the eye against light or sun damage. Macular degeneration is considered as one of the major causes of hampering the quality of eyesight. This condition often results in permanent blindness and goji berries are attributed to be the best-known naturally occurring source of zeaxanthin.

  1. Skin:

They have a superior quantity of antioxidants which is an essential component responsible for keeping one’s skin glowing and radiant. It also protects the skin from sun damage due to the presence of UV filters present in them.

  1. Memory:

Wolfberry a common ingredient in preparing traditional oriental cuisines have been reported to possess immune-modulating and memory enhancing properties.  Some studies have also demonstrated that these are helpful in treating age-related problems such as memory loss and Alzheimer’s diseases. It is paving a new way in determining the roadmap for finding alternatives for treating neurodegenerative disorders. The presence of chemical compositions such as polysaccharides, zeaxanthin, betaine, and beta-carotene has made wolf berries a potential disease treatment alternative drug.

  1. Immunity:

It is a key source of Vitamin C, which supports the immune response to allergies and other blood-related problems. It has become an everyday champ for carrying the essential nutrients that helps boosting the immune system in an individual.

Apart from all the nutrient content in wolfberries, they are also referred to as a key source house emitting thousands of free radicals that can credit prolonged lifespan amongst human being

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