You can be sure that your food is fresh; because it frozen!

Quick and convenient access to good quality stomach-filling food is a blessing for busy kitchens and lifestyles. It is said that in America, more than 15 million turkeys are sold every year during Christmas and two out three are frozen. For instance, lamb sharks require more than six hours to cook the meat, but when frozen lamb sharks are used, it barely requires 30 minutes to get all ready to eat.

Times like Christmas and New Year gives the greatest trade uplift for caterers and food service providers. It renders the caterers the privilege of taking up unplanned orders and gives an opportunity of offering an elaborated menu without food wastage. As it is frozen it eliminates the risks of spoilage and wastage due to unwanted growth of microbes and harmful bacteria, which enhances longer shelf-life of food products. As these are manufactured in large batches, it helps in maintaining the food consistency and quality integrity.

Some of the following trends are driving the growth and demand for the frozen foods in the market:

  • It guarantees all year round availability of seasonal food items
  • It helps saving labor charges for caterers
  • It offers convenience, therefore, saving the caterer’s time and improving their work flexibility
  • The manufacturers are reaching out to the masses buy delivering regional cuisines and proving a delightful experience to foreign customers while maintaining the food safety norms.

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